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1980-TE-03.jpg 77.41Kb JPEG image Thumbnail of THE $\nu_{6}$ PARALLEL BAND OF CYCLOPROPANE AT $3100  CM^{-1}$

Title: THE $\nu_{6}$ PARALLEL BAND OF CYCLOPROPANE AT $3100 CM^{-1}$
Creators: Rubin, Barry; Polo, S. R.; McCubbin, T. K., Jr.
Issue Date: 1980
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The $\nu_{6}$ fundamental of cyclopropane has been recorded on a 4.5 m vacuum spectrometer. Deconvolution of the spectrum has revealed considerably more detail than found in previous investigations. New information of a qualitative nature has been learned about the highly perturbed upper state and improved values of the band center and the upper state rotational constant have been obtained. A lower state combination-difference analysis using J values up to J = 23 has resulted in values of $B^{\prime\prime}$ and $D_{J}^{\prime\prime}$ which are in excellent agreement with recent investigations. The following values of molecular constants in wave number units ($cm^{-1}$) have been determined: $B^{\prime\prime} = 0.67023, D_{J}^{\prime\prime} = 0.93 \times 10^{-6}$, $\nu_{0} =3101.529$ and $B^{\prime}-B^{\prime\prime} = -0.00019$. The present data has been used with data from recent Raman and infrared spectra of $C_{3}H_{6}$ in a combined squares fit to the ground state constants.
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Other Identifiers: 1980-TE-3
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