LINE STRENGTHS IN $3\nu_{3}$ OF $^{12}CH_{4}$ AND $^{13}CH_{4}$

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Title: LINE STRENGTHS IN $3\nu_{3}$ OF $^{12}CH_{4}$ AND $^{13}CH_{4}$
Creators: Brault, J. W.; Fox, K.; Jennings, D. E.; Margolis, J. S.
Issue Date: 1980
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The vibration-rotation overtone near $9050 cm^{-1}$ was studied using a Fourier transform spectrometer with resolution of $0.01 cm^{-1}$ and photometric precision of 0.02%. Absolute strengths of corresponding R-branch lines in isotopic ally pure samples were measured under identical conditions to minimize systematic errors in relative strengths. Line strengths for $^{13}CH_{4}$ were observed to be smaller than those for $^{12}CH_{4}$ by as much as 40%. (Similar results were found for $2\nu_{3}$ of methane.) The $^{12}C: ^{13}C$ abundance ratios deduced from $3\nu_{3}$ spectra of planetary atmospheres will now require modifications.
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Other Identifiers: 1980-FB'-2
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