COMPARISON OF ABSOLUTE LINE INTENSITIES IN $2\nu_{3}$ OF $^{13}CH_{4}$ AND $^{12}CH_{4}^{*}$

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dc.creator Fox, K. en_US
dc.creator Jennings, D. E. en_US
dc.creator Halsey, G. W. en_US
dc.creator Daunt, S. J. en_US 2006-06-15T14:16:01Z 2006-06-15T14:16:01Z 1979 en_US
dc.identifier 1979-TA-05 en_US
dc.description $^{*}$ Research supported by the Planetary Atmospheres program of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under grant NGL-43-001-006. en_US
dc.description Author Institution: en_US
dc.description.abstract We have measured equivalent widths of the isolated singlets Q(1). R(0), and R(1) in the $2\nu_{3}$ vibration-rotation overtone of isotopically enriched $^{13}CH_{4}$ and $^{12}CH_{4}$. The derived line strengths for the isotopic species appear, from these preliminary results, to differ by as much as 40%. The internal consistency of our measurements will be discussed. Our latest, refined results will be presented. Theory for the observed effects will also be considered. en_US
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dc.title COMPARISON OF ABSOLUTE LINE INTENSITIES IN $2\nu_{3}$ OF $^{13}CH_{4}$ AND $^{12}CH_{4}^{*}$ en_US
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