THE $B \to X$ AND $D\to $X SYSTEMS OF XeCl

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Title: THE $B \to X$ AND $D\to $X SYSTEMS OF XeCl
Creators: Hui, Amit K.; Sur, Abha; Tellinghuisen, Joel
Issue Date: 1978
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The $B \rightarrow X$ (3050 {\AA}) and $D \rightarrow $X(2350 {\AA}) band systems of XeCl are photographed using sources containing both natural $Cl_{2}$ and isotopically pure $^{35}C1_{2}$. The spectra permit us to refine the existing vibrational analysis of the $B \rightarrow X$ laser transition and obtain a complementary analysis of the $D \rightarrow X$ transition. The results show that the D state has smaller $R_{e}$ larger $\omega_{e}$, and larger $D_{e}$ than does the B state, as is found also in XeF. Higher $v^{\prime\prime}$ levels are observed in the $D\rightarrow X$ spectrum, permitting us to obtain a more precise estimate of $D_{e}^{\prime\prime}$ than was obtained previously from the $B\rightarrow X$ system alone.
Description: Author Institution: Department of Chemistry
Other Identifiers: 1978-WF-03
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