STRENGTHS OF $^{13}C^{16}O_{2}$ AND $^{12}C^{16}O_{2}$ LINES AT 4.3-4.5 $\mu$m

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Title: STRENGTHS OF $^{13}C^{16}O_{2}$ AND $^{12}C^{16}O_{2}$ LINES AT 4.3-4.5 $\mu$m
Creators: Braun, W. C.; Fridovich, B.; Smith, G. R.; Champion, E. E.; Rinsland, C. P.; Chen, Da-Wun; Rao, K. Narahari
Issue Date: 1978
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: Measurements on the intensities of single lines in the $\nu_{3}$ and $\nu_{2} + \nu_{3} - \nu_{2}$ bands of $^{13}C^{16}O_{2}$ and the $\nu_{3}$ band of $^{12}C^{16}O_{2}$ have been made on grating spectrometers in two laboratories. For the $^{13}C^{16}O_{2}$ measurements enriched samples have been used. As a reference, $N_{2} O$ lines in the $\nu_{3}$ band have also been measured, and the results compared with intensity values available in the literature.
Description: Author Institution: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Environmental Satellite; Department of Physics, The Ohio State University
Other Identifiers: 1978-TE-05
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