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ANALYSIS OF $2\nu_{3}$ OF $^{12}CH_{4}$, AND $^{13}CH_{4}$

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Title: ANALYSIS OF $2\nu_{3}$ OF $^{12}CH_{4}$, AND $^{13}CH_{4}$
Creators: Fox, K.; Halsey, G. W.; Jennings, D. E.
Issue Date: 1978
Abstract: High-resolution ($\sim 0.02$ $cm^{-1}$) spectra of $^{12}CH_{4}$ and $^{13}CH_{4}$ were recorded in the $6000\, cm^{-1}$ region, and isotope shifts were measured for several clearly resolved vibration-rotation $lines^{1}$ The $2\nu_{3}$ spectrum of $^{13}CH_{4}$ has now been analyzed for the first time. Nineteen spectroscopic constants have been determined for this band using an algorithm for fitting spherical-top vibration-rotation lines In the P-, Q-, and R-branches simultaneously. The $2\nu_{3}$ $spectrum^{2}$ of $^{12}CH_{4}$ has been re-analyzed using this formalism; however, only sixteen spectroscopic constants could be determined with statistical significance because of the smaller fine-structure splittings inherent in this molecular band.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/10581
Other Identifiers: 1978-TA-11
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