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dc.creator Fox, K. en_US
dc.creator McDowell, R. S. en_US
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dc.date.available 2006-06-15T13:55:40Z
dc.date.issued 1977 en_US
dc.identifier 1977-RA-6 en_US
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/1811/10082
dc.description Author Institution: Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee; Theoretical Division, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory en_US
dc.description.abstract The stretching fundamental of 99% $^{192}OsO_{4}$ at $960.7 cm^{-1}$ has been recorded with a tunable diode laser. The rotational manifolds, which consist of only $A_{1}$ and $A_{2}$ lines because of the zero nuclear spin of oxygen, have been resolved. The Q branch has been analysed with the help of computer-synthesized band contours, and the molecular constants will be reported. The P(14) line of the $CO_{2}$ laser ($949.48 cm^{-}1)$ falls in the P(46) manifold of $^{192}OsO_{4}$, but it appears to pump a ``hot” band transition rather than a transition from the vibrational ground state. en_US
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dc.publisher Ohio State University en_US
dc.title HIGH RESOLUTION SPECTRUM OF $\nu_{3}$ OF $OsO_{4}$ en_US
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