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Following the completion of their STEP Signature Project, students report back to the university community to culminate their STEP experience. Some students will present to small groups on campus, including current and prospective STEP students, or even create digital stories. However, the large majority of STEP participants will report back by presenting their project posters at the STEP Expo the semester following the completion of their project. For example, students who did a project during the spring and/or summer semester will present at the STEP Expo the following autumn semester.

The STEP Expo occurs once during autumn and spring semester and is comprised of multiple one-hour sessions where students present a professional poster that they created. Using the poster, students are able to identify what their project entailed and how their overall experience transformed their personal, academic, and professional goals. In addition, students have the opportunity to articulate what they learned from their project to faculty, staff, and students who choose to attend the Expo.

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