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The Hilandar Research Library, a Special Collection of The Ohio State University Libraries, has the largest collection of medieval Slavic manuscripts on microform in the world.

The more than 2 million pages of (primarily Cyrillic) manuscript material on microform from more than 100 different monastic, private, museum and library collections in 21 countries are used by scholars from all over the world. The collection includes more than 5000 Cyrillic manuscripts on microform, with over 1200 from different monasteries on Mount Athos, Greece, including the entire Slavic collection of Hilandar Monastery, in addition to hundreds of thousands of pages of East Slavic manuscripts from Russia and a collection of more than 700 early Slavic printed books on microform. Many of these materials on microform are now accessible to women scholars for the first time.

The Hilandar Research Library also contains a large specialized reference collection, print and microform, as well as numerous microform readers, reader-printers, and computers.


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