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The Archaeological Society of Ohio (ASO), founded in 1941, is the oldest and largest state archaeological society in the United States. The Society was organized to discover and conserve archaeological sites and material in Ohio, to seek and promote a better understanding among students and collectors of archaeological material, both professional and non-professional, and to disseminate knowledge on the subject of archaeology. Membership is made up of people from all walks of life, from every state in the nation, many foreign countries, and includes libraries, historical societies, colleges and universities. If you are interested in the rich archaeological heritage of Ohio and surrounding areas, we invite you the join The Archaeological Society of Ohio.

Membership includes subscription to the Ohio Archaeologist, which is published quarterly. This journal has been recognized as one of the finest in its field. Well-illustrated articles by professionals, non-professionals, and artifact collectors cover a wide variety of subjects. Some of the most important archaeological sites in the eastern United States have been published in the Ohio Archaeologist. We are grateful to The Ohio State University and the Knowledge Bank for providing this forum in which to preserve and share over 50 years of archaeological investigation through the Ohio Archaeologist.