Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law (Moritz College of Law)

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The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law (OSJCL) is a peer-evaluated, faculty-student cooperative venture published by the Michael E. Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University. Published semi-annually, it is a forum for important scholarship written by academics and professionals in the criminal justice field.

The Journal‘s purpose is to provide useful, interesting, and provocative commentary on critical issues of interest to the national, and even international, criminal justice community. Each issue includes solicited scholarly articles, in a symposium format with a Guest Editor, written by experts on the subject. Past topics have included policing corporate conduct, capital juries, and the criminal justice system post-September 11th. Each issue contains a Commentary section with briefer essays.

The Journal publishes high-caliber student essays, reviews of books, empirical studies, criminal justice reports, and even reviews of movies and other media.