Ukrainian Immigration to Columbus, Ohio

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This site contains documents, photographs, and stories of the immigrants who came after WWII as Displaced Persons, and of the immigrants who came at the time of Perestroika and in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Since this collection focuses on movement from one place to another, the names of the places mentioned and pictured are important information for users. However, many of the items originated in areas where place names have multiple forms, both historical and linguistic, and are often loaded with political, religious, and social significance. To avoid bias and provide consistent names, we have recorded place names as they appear on the items, as well as their authorized form from the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names.

If you have additional information, substantive or technical, that you would like to share, either about the people pictured in the photographs, or about the documents and stories, please use the Knowledge Bank feedback form. Your comments will be forwarded to a representative of the Ukrainian Cultural Association of Ohio.

Logo image: Olha Balaban, Augsburg, Germany, 1948.


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