Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution: Volume 36, Issue 3 (2020)

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Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution
Volume 36, Issue 3 (2020)

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Dignity and Identity Barriers in Negotiating MeToo and Black Lives Matter Issues: A Multi-Party Mediation Exercise
Lawrence, James K. L. pp. 389-407
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Mandatory Early Mediation: A Vision for Civil Lawsuits Worldwide
Noakes, Adam pp. 409-434
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Lights, Camera, Arbitration: How Syndi-Court TV is Misleading Public Perception of the U.S. Legal System
Wellman, Erica pp. 435-454
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Making Sense of the Obligation to Negotiate in International Law Through the Lens of Principled Negotiation
Achurra, María Elisa Zavala pp. 455-482
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Time to Pay Student-Athletes?: Creating a Dispute Resolution System in the Wake of Current Legislative Efforts to Attack NCAA Amateurism Standards
Hamilton, Drew pp. 483-503
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