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    The Girls Circle Project
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Pitstick, Vicki
    The Girls Circle Project is designed to train college women to facilitate Girls Circles in Columbus-area schools and agencies. A Girls Circle, made up of two college women co-facilitators and five to 10 young girls, is meant to both empower young girls and also to foster healthy relationships among them.
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    The Livestock Emergency Response Program for First Responders
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Boyles, Steve
    Approximately 400,000 head of livestock are being hauled at any time of the day in the United States. In a seven-year period more than 400 livestock transport accidents were reported in the U.S. and Canada. The Livestock Emergency Response Program for first responders involves training in understanding animal behavior and animal welfare in emergency situations related to motor vehicle incidents.
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    The Dental H.O.M.E. (Health Outreach Mobile Experience) Coach
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Bean, Canise; Whisler, Rachel
    Dental care is the #1 unmet health care need in Ohio. The College of Dentistry's H.O.M.E. Coach is a mobile dental clinic that helps to bridge this gap by providing oral health care and education to underserved children in Columbus and surrounding communities. The Dental H.O.M.E. Coach is an outreach program that strives to meet the oral health needs of Ohioans in key underserved areas. The program focuses on three main goals: 1. To provide underserved children with oral health care that offers them a dental "home." 2. To expose dental students to an array of hands-on learning experiences that include pediatric dentistry treatments performed under the supervision of OSU faculty members. 3. To positively impact the problem of access to oral health care for Ohio's families. The Dental H.O.M.E. Coach brings dentists and dental treatment to children at local schools during regular classroom hours. The Coach is staffed by faculty-supervised senior dental students and dental assistants who provide comprehensive treatment that includes diagnostic and preventive care, restorative dentistry, digital radiography, and minor surgery.
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    The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) McGurk, Caitlin
    The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum is the home of the world's largest collection of cartoon and comic art, right here at OSU! We have recently relocated into a beautiful new facility in Sullivant Hall, where we serve the student body, the public, researchers and fans in our reading room as well as display innovative and exciting exhibits in the 3 galleries that comprise our free museum.
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    The Crash Imminent Safety (CrIS) University Transportation Center (UTC)
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Forrest, Tamar
    The goal of the CrIS UTC is to improve ground transportation safety through interdisciplinary research and development in the interplay of autonomous and intelligent vehicle systems, human factors, and injury biomechanics. Outreach and Engagement activities include: 1. Education, Workplace Development, and Diversity -- education programs related to ground transportation, focusing on human systems integration in pre-crash scenarios. 2. Technology Transfer and Policy -- research on policies that can support or hinder the adoption of intelligent vehicle systems.
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    The Bridge: Issue Management Process -- Connecting FFA Students with Employers
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Gibson, Frank
    Empowering students to develop 21st century skills that are critical for today's workforce and for fostering economic growth in their communities is the overarching theme of this Alber Enterprise Center project. FFA members from Ridgemont High School will participate in developing a train-the-trainer facilitator's kit for The BRIDGE: Issue Management Process Model. AEC has crafted this six-step model of proven business analysis tools to facilitate teams to solve a complex issue and create an implementation plan.
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    Team Up. Pressure Down.
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Petrovskis, Kriss
    Team Up, Pressure Down (TUPD) is a pharmacist‐driven HTN education program, developed by the CDC, to improve cardiovascular health and reduce heart attacks and strokes.
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    Sustainable Futures for Linden Village: A Model for Increasing Social Capital and the Quality of Life in an Urban Neighborhood
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Lara, Jesus J.; Chen, Victoria
    The "Sustainable Futures for Linden Village" project is a partnership between OSU faculty in the Colleges of Engineering, Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the Greater Linden Development Corporation (GLDC). It closely relates to a comprehensive, local redevelopment initiative designed to revitalize and improve a target urban area surrounding the Linden McKinley STEM Academy. This initiative integrates urban revitalization, home rehabilitation, energy retrofit, repair and maintenance with sustainable development goals.
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    Successful Co-Parenting: A Family Stability Program
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Irving, Carmen
    The purpose of the Successful Co-Parenting: A Family Stability Program is to familiarize parents with information, skills, and techniques to minimize the negative effects of separation and divorce on children and to promote positive adjustment during the divorce process.
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    Student National Pharmaceutical Association
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Hu, Kai
    The Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) is devoted to projects and initiatives that aim to enhance community health and awareness concerning many different disease states. Our ultimate goal is to serve the underserved. As students at the College of Pharmacy, we are being trained as future professionals in the health care world. SNPhA is an outlet for us to apply our knowledge and skills as we learn and foster an attitude of service.
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    Central Ohio Diabetes Association
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Bobbitt, Roy
    The Central Ohio Diabetes Association is an independent, local, non-profit, human service agency that "helps Central Ohioans living with diabetes detect their condition, prevent onset and complications, and learn to live well with the challenge of diabetes." 100% of our funding comes from this community and remains in this community to provide diabetes-related services to local people. For 50 years the Central Ohio Diabetes Association has been providing direct clinical services to central Ohioans regardless of their ability to pay. We offer: Community blood glucose screenings to identify undetected/uncontrolled diabetes, Diabetes medical, nutrition, and pharmaceutical education, Social services and emotional support groups, Diabetes prevention education, Cooking classes and grocery store tours, Community-based diabetes education, Emergency testing supplies, Camp and youth programs.
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    Stories for Students from Students
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Marshall, Bowen
    Stories for Students from Students champions the belief that every student deserves a future filled with learning, success, and knowledge. Getting books into the hands of a student is the first step in establishing a lifelong love of learning that will one day lead to a college degree and a successful life. The Stories for Students from Students program seeks to get books into the hands of Columbus elementary and middle school students.
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    Stone Lab Hooks Students on Science
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Banicki, Jill Jentes
    Stone Laboratory, Ohio State University's Island Campus on Lake Erie, is a living laboratory where students from grade four through adults learn about Lake Erie, Ohio's most valuable natural resource. With hands-on activities, Stone Lab immerses its students in science. From capturing fish on Stone Lab research vessels to examining lake sediments under microscopes, students experience firsthand what it takes to be a scientist and steward of Lake Erie. The program, which is Ohio Sea Grant's education arm, teaches 20,000 people every year.
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    STEM Initiatives and Breakfast of Science Champions
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Burdett, Tracy
    Have you ever wanted to see how the brain works, or how to run a super-conductor train? At STEM Initiatives' Breakfast of Science Champions, middle school students learn these things and more. Students come to OSU for a morning of hands-on exposure to science, technology, engineering, and math problems. They learn about the work conducted by various labs and then participate in activities and experiments reflecting the lab's work.
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    Simple Suppers: A novel approach to childhood obesity prevention
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Gunther, Carolyn
    Simple Suppers is a hands-on nutrition education and cooking program designed to teach parents and their preschool children positive food choices and eating behaviors. The program has been in the pilot test phase for the past several years at a low-income urban daycare center in Columbus, Ohio. Our curriculum is based on the 2010 U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans and consists of 10 X 90 min. lessons. The program is designed to be delivered over the dinner hour in the daycare setting.
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    Special Olympics Ohio
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Burdett, Kate
    The mission of Special Olympics Ohio is to provide year-round sports training and competition opportunities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. The concept of Special Olympics began in the early 1960s when Eunice Kennedy Shriver started a day camp for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The first national meet was held in 1968 for 1,000 athletes from the U.S. and Canada. Shortly thereafter, Ohio began a Special Olympics program under the name of the Ohio Athletic Association. Special Olympics Ohio became incorporated in 1975. Today, there are Special Olympics programs in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and 150 different countries around the world.
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    Sports Medicine Community Outreach
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Mizer, Chris
    The OSU Sports Medicine Outreach Program brings sports medicine to the community. It is a multidisciplinary team of physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, sport psychologists, nutritionists, sports performance coaches and other health professionals.
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    Scientists Teach Region about Climate
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Banicki, Jill Jentes
    The Ohio State University Climate Change Outreach Team is a multi-departmental initiative within the university to help localize the climate change issue for Ohioans and Great Lakes residents. Created in 2008, the team works with university faculty to create outreach tools to get climate research information out to the public. Through such tools as a webinar series, informal educational displays, and secondary education curricula, the team collaborates with experts from around the country to teach the public about issues and impacts the region could face with a changing climate.
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    Scientific Thinkers at Innis Elementary
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) Trivedi, Nandini
    Ohio State University and Innis Elementary, presently under Academic Emergency, partner in a program called Scientific Thinkers to motivate the next generation of scientific thinkers from parts of our society that are marginalized. We accomplish a three-pronged benefit: confidence building in the elementary students, improvement of communication skills for graduate and undergraduate volunteer scientists, and inspiration and growth through new hands-on lesson plans for elementary school teachers.
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    Senior Pet Care
    (Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement, 2014-05-01) DeWitt, Sara
    Pets provide companionship and protect against isolation. Caring for pets can be hard on a fixed income or with limited mobility. Senior Pet Care supports and advocated for pets. Our purpose is to help people live independetly with joy, purpose, and animal companionship.