Ohio State Business Law Journal: Volume 1, Issue 1 (2006)

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Regulating Hedge Funds
Oesterle, Dale A. pp. 1-42
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Assessing Corporate America's Opposition to the FASB's New Stock Options Expensing Policy
Alsheimer, Aaron pp. 43-61
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Protecting Your IP Rights in China: An Overview of the Process
Dahman, Samir B. pp. 63-85
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Mandatory Registration of Hedge Funds with the SEC and Hedge Fund Activism in Corporate Decision-Making
Hayes, Robert; Walker, R. Scott pp. 87-124
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Breach Notification Laws: Notification Requirements and Data Safeguarding Now Apply to Everyone, Including Entrepreneurs
Lee, Samuel pp. 125-151
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If You've Always Done It That Way, It's Probably Wrong: How the Regulatory Flexibility Act Has Failed To Change Agency Behavior, and How Congress Can Fix It
Shive, Sarah E. pp. 153-173
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Size Standards and Contract Bundling in the Federal Marketplace: An Uphill Battle for Small Business Owners
Smith, Brian G. pp. 175-194
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Compensation through Ownership: The Use of the ESOP in Entrepreneurial Ventures
Westendorf, Sarah J. pp. 195-212
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Closely Held Business Succession Planning: How a Family Limited Partnership Can Still Work to Your Advantage In Spite of Section 2036
Wiles, Katy A. pp. 213-230
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