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Ohio 4-H curriculum includes member experientially based project books, group project manuals, and program implement guides that are utilized in community clubs, after-school and school enrichment programs, volunteer education, and more. All curriculum materials contain a wealth of information and activities needed to plan and conduct 4-H projects and programs.


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    SPLASH2O: A Science-based Program for Learning about Society and Water
    (Columbus OH : Ohio State University Extension, 1996-10) Horton, Robert L.; Erwin, Susann; Carroll, Patrick; Neumann, Bob; Alloy, Jan Leibovitz
    SPLASH2O features a variety of experiments and activities targeted to grade 4. Performance objectives include 1)The learner will discuss the impact of human activity in selected natural environments; 2)Given a series of related events, the learner will analyze the series and predict the next likely event; 3)the learner will create and follow a simple procedure to carry out an investigation; and 4) the learner will propose reasons why observations made by another learner may be different than hers/his.