Ohio State Law Journal Sixth Circuit Review: Volume 76 (2015)

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Foreword: The Sixth Circuit in Review
Cole, R. Guy, Jr.; Litton, Noah
76 Ohio St. L.J. 247-258 (2015)
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Essays & Case Comments

Religious Accommodations for County Clerks?
Colker, Ruth
76 Ohio St. L.J. Furthermore 87-101 (2015)
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Will a Judge Read My Brief? Prejudice to Pro Se Litigants from the Staff Attorney Track
Pualson, Colter L.
76 Ohio St. L.J. Furthermore 103-110 (2015)
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Obedience Versus Accuracy: How District Courts Apply Sixth Circuit Rule 32.1
Vaysman, Larisa M.
76 Ohio St. L.J. Futhermore 111-120 (2015)
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Ethics and Professionalism in the Sixth Circuit
Delchin, Steven A.
76 Ohio St. L.J. Futhermore 121-124 (2015)
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Contrary to Popular Opinion: Why the Sixth Circuit's Omnicare Decision Should Be Reversed
Flake, Collin R.
76 Ohio St. L.J. Futhermore 125-130 (2015)
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DeBoer, Baker, and Summary Dispositions: In Defense of Appellate Court Restraint
Hafner, James M., Jr.
76 Ohio St. L.J. Futhermore 131-140 (2015)
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Speech and Safety: Interest Balancing in First Amendment Analysis As Applied to Bible Believers v. Wayne County
Maskell, Katherine M.
76 Ohio St. L.J. Futhermore 141-146 (2015)
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Whistle While You Work: The Gap in Whistleblower Protection Exposed by the Sixth Circuit
Rousseau, Liane
76 Ohio St. L.J. Futhermore 147-153 (2015)
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The Sixth Circuit's In re Omnicare, Inc. Securities Litigation Holding: New Standard. New Results?
West, W. Hunter
76 Ohio St. L.J. Futhermore 155-160 (2015)
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Cert. Denied, Stays Denied, Marriage Equality Advanced: How the Supreme Court Used Nonprecedential Orders to Diminish the Drama of the Marriage Equality Decision
Geidner, Chris
76 Ohio St. L.J. Futhermore 161-172 (2015)
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