Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution: Volume 11, Issue 2 (1996)

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Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution
Volume 11, Issue 2 (1996)

Table of Contents
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Some Benefits and Risks of Privatization of Justice Through ADR
Weinstein, Jack B. pp. 241-295
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Reflections on Judicial ADR and the Multi-Door Courthouse at Twenty: Fait Accompli, Failed Overture, or Fledgling Adulthood?
Stempel, Jeffrey W. pp. 297-395
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Alternative Dispute Resolution and Civil Justice Reform: Is ADR Being Used to Paper Over Cracks?
Lloyd-Bostock, Sally pp. 397-402
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Mediation for Mediators? If You Talk the Talk, You'd Better Walk the Walk: An Examination of How Dispute Resolvers Resolve Disputes
Kovach, Kimberlee K. pp. 403-440
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Notes & Comments

The Sixth Circuit's Approach to the Public-Policy Exception to the Enforcement of Labor Arbitration Awards: A Tale of Two Trilogies?
Stephens, Arlus J. pp. 441-468
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Turf Battles and Professional Biases: An Analysis of Mediator Qualifications in Child Custody Disputes
Schoenfield, Nichol M. pp. 469-487
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The Federal Advisory Committee Act: Balanced Representation and Open Meetings in Conflict with Dispute Resolution
Faure, David pp. 489-519
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Hot Coffee, Cold Cash: Making the Most of Alternative Dispute Resolution in High-Stakes Personal Injury Lawsuits
Sherowski, Elizabeth pp. 521-536
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