I/S: Volume 7, Issue 1 (Winter 2011)

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I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society
Volume 7, Issue 1
Symposium: Youth and Social Media

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Pro-Self-Harm and the Visibility of Youth-Generated Problematic Content
Boyd, Danah; Ryan, Jenny; Leavitt, Alex pp. 1-31
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Reclaiming an Awkward Term: What we Might Learn from "Digital Natives"
Palfrey, John; Gasser, Urs pp. 33-55
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Social Networking Sites and Adolescent Health: New Opportunities and New Challenges
Moreno, Megan A. pp. 57-69
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The Racial Landscape of Social Networking Sites: Forging Identity, Community, and Civic Engagement
Tynes, Brendesha M.; Garcia, Elizabeth L.; Giang, Michael T.; Coleman, Nicole E. pp. 71-100
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Student Speech Online: Too Young to Exercise the Right to Free Speech?
Macleod-Ball, Michael W. pp. 101-132
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Student Note

Let the Babies Dance: Strengthening Fair Use and Stifling Abuse in DMCA Notice and Takedown Procedures
Schonauer, Matthew pp. 135-169
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