Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution: Volume 9, Issue 2 (1994)

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Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution
Volume 9, Issue 2 (1993)

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p. vii
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The Political and Economic Roots of the "Adversary System" of Justice and "Alternative Dispute Resolution"
Wangerin, Paul T. pp. 203-242
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Coalitions and Representative Bargaining
Goodpaster, Gary pp. 243-274
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No More Sacrifices on the Altar of Educational Excellence: ADR & At-Risk Students
Merrill, Marsha Lynn pp. 275-306
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What Happens When Mediation is Institutionalized?: To the Parties, Practitioners, and Host Institutions
Alfini, James; Barkai, John; Bush, Robert Baruch; Hermann, Michele; Hyman, Jonathan; Kovach, Kimberlee; Liebman, Carol; Press, Sharon; Riskin, Leonard pp. 307-332
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Notes and Comments

Reasoned Compassion in a More Humane Forum: A Proposal to Use ADR to Resolve Medical Treatment Decisions
Sims-Taylor, Lynne pp. 333-371
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A Labor Arbitrator's Ability to Modify A Termination Order Based on Employer Violations of the Grievance Procedure
Bricker, Timothy R. pp. 373-397
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Alternative Dispute Resolution in Hazardous Waste Siting: A Solution for Ohio and East Liverpool?
Fischbein, William T. pp. 399-414
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Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Wetlands Manual Debate: Could Negotiated Rulemaking Have Avoided the Impasse?
Smith, J. Gregory pp. 415-432
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