Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 14:1 (Fall 2016)

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Symposium: The Civil Side of Criminal Procedure

The Civil Side of Criminal Procedure: Back to the Future?
Dripps, Donald A. pp. 1-8
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Federal Civil Litigation as an Instrument of Police Reform: A Natural Experiment Exploring the Effects of the Floyd Ruling on Stop-and-Frisk Activities in New York City
White, Michael D.; Fradella, Henry F.; Morrow, Weston J.; Mellom, Doug pp. 9-66
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Evaluating Section 14141: An Empirical Review of Pattern or Practice Police Misconduct Reform
Chanin, Joshua pp. 67-112
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Competing Case Studies of Structural Reform Litigation in American Police Departments
Rushin, Stephen pp. 113-141
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Disciplinary Regulation of Prosecutors as a Remedy for Abuses of Prosecutorial Discretion: A Descriptive and Normative Analysis
Green, Bruce A.; Levine, Samuel J. pp. 143-182
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Commentary Symposium

Prosecutorial Discretion in the Context of Immigration and Marijuana Law Reform: The Search for a Limiting Principle
Kamin, Sam pp. 183-206
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Marijuana Rescheduling: A Partial Prescription for Policy Change
Wallack, Grace; Hudak, John pp. 207-216
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Arbitrariness and the California Death Penalty
Altman, Matthew C. pp. 217-230
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"Mitigate From Day One": Why Effective Defense Advocates Do Not Prioritize Liberty over Life in Death Penalty Cases
Cheng, Jesse pp. 231-245
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Motive and Suspicion: Florida v. Jardines and the Constitutional Right to Protection from Suspicionless Dragnet Investigations
Leonetti, Carrie pp. 247-262
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David H. Bodiker Lecture on Criminal Justice

Rigged: When Race and Poverty Determine Outcomes in the Criminal Courts
Bright, Stephen B. pp. 263-288
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Walter C. Reckless-Simon Dinitz Memorial Lecture

Strengthening Justice in the U.S.: The Impact of Scientific Research
Rodriguez, Nancy pp. 289-301
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American Criminal Record Exceptionalism
Lapp, Kevin pp. 303-322
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Term Paper

Betterman v. Montana and the Underenforcement of Constitutional Rights at Sentencing
Hessick, Carissa Byrne pp. 323-335
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