I/S: Volume 9, Issue 1 (Spring 2013)

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I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society
Volume 9, Issue 1
General Issue


Virtual Battlegrounds: Direct Participation in Cyber Warfare
Crawford, Emily pp. 1-19
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Municipal Broadband: History's Guide
Null, Eric pp. 21-59
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Open Government, Technological Innovation, and the Politics of Democratic Disillusionment: (E-)Democracy from Socrates to Obama
Perez, Oren pp. 61-138
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Google and the Thumbnail Dilemma -- "Fair Use" in German Copyright Law?
Pötzlberger, Florian pp. 139-169
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Shutting Down Dissent: Global Responses to Mobile-Fueled "Flash Mobs" and Political Protests
Scheid, Maria pp. 173-200
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