Vol. 2. Lay and Expert Knowledge in a Complex Society. The AFS Teagle Foundation Project, Part I (October 2011)

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First set of proceedings from a two-year project of the American Folklore Society, funded by the Teagle Foundation as part of its "Big Questions and the Disciplines" program.

Project chairs:

Timothy Lloyd (Executive Director, The American Folklore Society)
Dorothy Noyes (The Ohio State University)


Michael Chiarappa (Western Michigan University, Quinnipiac University)
Danille Christensen (Indiana University-Bloomington and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Sean Galvin (LaGuardia Community College)
Susan Hanson (The Ohio State University)
Jason Baird Jackson (Indiana University-Bloomington)
Carl Lindahl (University of Houston)
Bruce Martin (University of Houston)
Sabina Magliocco (California State University, Northridge)
Jay Mechling (University of California, Davis, emeritus)
Tom Mould (Elon University)
Leonard Norman Primiano (Cabrini College)
Howard Sacks (Kenyon College)


1. Folklore and Knowledge. American Folklore Society "Big Questions and the Disciplines" Project

(Excerpts from the grant proposal to the Teagle Foundation, funded in the 2009 competition)

Dorothy Noyes, The Ohio State University
Timothy Lloyd, The American Folklore Society

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2. Lay and Expert Knowledge in a Complex Society: The AFS Teagle Foundation Project

A forum presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Folklore Society, Nashville TN, October 15, 2010, including:

  • How Do You Know What You Know? 2-3, Jay Mechling
  • Lay and Expert Knowledge in the Community College 4-5, Sean Galvin
  • Teaching to Live with Moving Horizons of Knowledge: Folklore Studies and New Social Problems 6-7, Jason Baird Jackson
  • Confronting Alternative Realities 8-9, Howard Sacks
  • Knowledge Gaps, Lay Experts and Feedback Loops 10-11, Sabina Magliocco
  • Fostering Critical Engagement through Experiential Learning 12-13, Danille Elise Christensen
  • Documenting Community Knowledges in Houston 14-15, Carl Lindahl
  • The knowledge gap as it relates to the concept of expert and lay knowledge 16-17, Tom Mould
  • What can student vets teach the teachers? An observer's perspective 18-19, Dorothy Noyes
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3. You Can't Teach Folklore

Jay Mechling, University of California, Davis

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4. Guiding Critical Thinking: Teaching Tips based on Perry's Model

Danille Elise Christensen, University of North Carolina

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