1576 Edition Selected Woodcuts (John Foxe's Actes and Monuments)

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This collection includes selected woodcuts from the 1576 edition of Actes and Monuments used in the 2001 NEH Summer Institute held at The Ohio State University.


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    An anti-papal allegory of Christian justice
    2X4r Strategically printed at the end of Volume 1, the "Allegory of Christian justice" depicts the primacy of divine justice and the subjugation of papal power, thus responding to and reversing "The proud primacie of Popes," printed as an appendix to Volume 1 of STC 11223 (1570.24-34). Last page.\\ X w/ 12 v. Throng (cf. tp inset and falling demons)\\ Decrees and Decretals = documents cited in "Image of Antichrist" (above)\\= 24436/3 Tyndale, William. The whole workes of W. Tyndall, John Frith, and Doct. Barnes. fol. J. Daye, 1573 (1572.)\1576\ J.Day\ STC 11224\ [3]=3
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    A description of England, as it was deuided in the Saxones tyme into vii kyngdoms.\ \= 15142/1: 15142 Lambard, William. ???a?ovoµ?a, siue de priscis anglorum legibus libri. 4?. ex off. J. Daij, 1568. L. UMI reel 254\\The author compiled this collection of Anglo-Saxon laws with the aid of Laurence Nowell, a scholar whose manuscript map of Anglo-Saxon Britain apparently provided the basis of Lambard's map, although the latter is much less accurate and detailed.