Ohio State Law Journal: Volume 77, Issue 4 (2016)

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2015 – 2016 Symposium Issue


The History and Future of Election Law: Improving Democracy Through Knowing Its Evolution
Foley, Edward B. pp. 683-687
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When Is a Legislature Not a Legislature? When Voters Regulate Elections by Initiative
Persily, Nathaniel; Byker, Samuel; Evans, William; Sachar, Alon pp. 689-740
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A Two Hundred-Year Statistical History of the Gerrymander
Ansolabehere, Stephen; Palmer, Maxwell pp. 741-762
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Turnout, Tenuousness, and Getting Results in Section 2 Vote Denial Claims
Karlan, Pamela S. pp. 763-789
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The Forty-Year War on Money in Politics: Watergate, FECA, and the Future of Campaign Finance Reform
Gaughan, Anthony J. pp. 791-837
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The Politics of Ballot Choice
Engstrom, Erik J.; Roberts, Jason M. pp. 839-865
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Blurred Lines: Conjoined Polarization and Voting Rights
Cain, Bruce E.; Zhang, Emily R. pp. 867-904
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