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This is a projected series of educational television programs targeted towards middle and high-school-age viewers and K-12 physical science teachers. Using live action, "extreme" demonstrations, the series intends to showcase the excitement and fun of science, demonstrate real-world applications of physical principles and engage viewers in the concepts and processes of science. This project originated with Linn Van Woerkom, Vice Chair of the Physics Department and was done in partnership with the department.


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    Episode Alpha: Wrecking Physics
    (2004) Van Woerkom, Linn; Heckler, Andrew
    This episode introduces the concept of energy by showing that two different types of energy, kinetic and potential, are equivalent in the sense that they can produce the same results. In this case the result is a smashed car, either dropped from a height or run into a wall. Another demonstration takes place at a skateboard park showing that kinetic and potential energy can transform into each other.