Ohio State Law Journal Sixth Circuit Review: Volume 77 (2016)

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Outsourcing the Jury: Bartlett v. DuPont and the Role of Alternative Adjudication in Preserving Jury "Fairness" in Complex Scientific Litigation
Young, Elizabeth V.
77 Ohio St. L.J. Furthermore 15-30 (2016)
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The Sixth Circuit Forges a Path for Equal Protection Challenges to Ohio's Judicial Campaign Finance Regulations
Wallace, Ben F. C.
77 Ohio St. L.J. Furthermore 41-46 (2016)
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"Sticker Shock": Driving Around Chevron and the Rule of Lenity in Immigration Removal
Becker, Bryan B.
77 Ohio St. L.J. Futhermore 119-128 (2016)
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Chevron Deference or the Rule of Lenity? Dual-Use Statutes and Judge Sutton's Lonely Lament
Glen, Patrick J.; Stillman, Kate E.
77 Ohio St. L.J. Futhermore 129-143 (2016)
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