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    Impact of Weather on Grapevine Performance During the 2020 Season
    (Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, 2020) Dami, Imed; Kinney, Diane
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    2020 Grape Maturity at OSU Research Vineyards
    (Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, 2020) Dami, Imed; Kinney, Diane; Brown, Lorena; Kirk, Andy; Woodworth, Yvonne
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    2014 Grape Winter Damage Survey Report
    (Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, 2014-03) Dami, Imed; Lewis, Deborah
    Following the extreme minimum lows experienced in January and February across Ohio, many vineyards were affected and vines sustained extensive bud damage and likely trunk damage depending on the location and the variety grown. The OSU Grape Team conducted a survey by sending a questionnaire on February 6, 2014, to grape and wine producers in Ohio. The purpose of the survey was to gather information on crop loss state-wide, develop research and outreach strategies to assist growers, and timely communication of objective data to state and federal agencies in case it is needed for assistance or disaster relief programs. This report is a compilation of the survey results.
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    Crowdsourcing: Divide the Work and Share the Success
    (Emerald, 2013) Britton, Constance J.; Level, Allison V.; Gardner, Melanie A.
    The Agriculture Network Information Collaborative (AgNIC) is a voluntary alliance of members working to provide access to agricultural information over the internet. This paper aims to report on a group effort by AgNIC partners to identify institutional repositories with desirable content for metadata harvesting. Once identified, the metadata is captured through an automated harvest and added to a searchable resource database.
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    Preserving the history of United States agriculture and rural life: state and local literature, 1820-1945; Ohio bibliography
    (2004-07-10) Britton, Constance J.; Logan, Susan J.
    The bibliography covers literature published in Ohio, 1820-1945, related to agriculture and rural life. The items listed in the bibliography were reviewed by a panel of scholars and ranked for preservation microfilming. The funding for this project was through a grant to the United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN) and Cornell University by the National Endowment for the Humanities as part of a national program to preserve agricultural literature.
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    What's Wrong With My Tomatoes? Answering Questions Collaboratively
    (2005-06-28T13:58:15Z) Britton, Constance J.; Furbee, Robert; Logan, Susan J.
    Extension educators and librarians share a mission: connecting people with information. Librarians are finding that many customers like to ask questions electronically: via email, web forms, or chat technology. This paper reports on a survey of electronic methods available for customers to direct questions to extension staff from the main Extension website in each state. The presentation includes examples of the extension web pages, summarizes the opportunities to ask questions, characterizes the availability of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and reports on evidence of collaboration with librarians. Also included is a case study of cooperation between the OSU Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences librarians and the College Communications and Technology unit to offer Ohioline users the opportunity to “ask-a-librarian” for assistance. Most questions were answered by sending a factsheet or other resource, referring the questioner to a local extension office, or referring the question to an Extension specialist when a more detailed answer was required. This ‘triage’ protocol allowed the librarians to handle the routine information requests, while referring to Extension staff only those questions requiring more extensive subject expertise.