I/S: Volume 9, Issue 2 (Summer 2013)

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I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society


{Privacy, Privacidad, Приватност} Policies in Social Media: Providing Translated Privacy Notice
Ur, Blase; Sleeper, Manya; Cranor, Lorrie Faith pp. 201-243
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Employee E-mails and the Concept of Earning the Privilege
Levy, Jonathan pp. 245-270
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Three Scenarios for International Governance of Data Privacy: Towards an International Data Privacy Organization, Preferably a UN Agency?
de Hert, Paul; Papakonstantinou, Vagelis pp. 271-324
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More Than Just Ones and Zeros: The Reproducibility of Metadata Under the Freedom of Information Act
Meltzer, Christopher R. pp. 327-366
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