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John H. Herrick compiled building documentation for every known structure at The Ohio State University from the inception of the University in the 1870s through 1988. Herrick followed a building, whether a sheep barn or medical center, from its purchase or deed to the University through its sale, relocation, renovation, or demolition. Herrick also included drawings of each building, placing them within their sites and suggesting their forms. The resulting documents form an unprecedented and comprehensive history of both the structures at the University and campus planning efforts. It is our intention to reformat the John H. Herrick Archives for easier access and use it as the foundation for an expanded Ohio State University Structures Database. In the spirit of Herrick's work, the OSU Structures Database will include updated building information (including renovated, demolished, and newly built structures after 1988), physical facilities reports, images, and histories of selected buildings. The database will be accessible via its own public interface, as well as via two other complementary sources: the Knowlton School of Architecture Digital Library and the OSU Interactive Historic Campus Map.


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    Zoology Storage Building
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:56:24Z) Herrick, John H.
    Zoology Storage Building is located at 1294 Kinnear Road. Building was never officially named by Board of Trustees.
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    WTVN Transmitter Building
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:55:56Z) Herrick, John H.
    WTVN Transmitter Building is located at 350 Dodridge Street. Never officially named by Board of Trustees. Alternate names include "Channel 6 Transmitter Building."
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    WOSU Annex
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:55:24Z) Herrick, John H.
    WOSU Annex is located at 2470 North Star, behind Building 094. Never officially named by Board of Trustees action. Probably covered by current sign at street, which reads, "Ohio Educational Broadcasting." In March, 1975 the name was changed to "2470 N. Star Road, Building 2."
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    WOSU-TV (2470 North Star. Rd.)
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:54:10Z) Herrick, John H.
    WOSU-TV (2470 North Star. Rd.) is located at 2470 North Star Road. Never Officially named by Board of Trustees action. Called "WOSU-TV Television Station" on drawings. Board action approving the plans used the name, "Television Station Studio Building." Later Board minutes refer to "Television Station Building." Current sign in front of building reads "Ohio Educational Broadcasting." (Building currently leased to Ohio Educational Television Network.) The sign in front of the building now carries the name "Richard B. Hull Operations Center." The following additional name for this building has been found on old campus maps: "Educational TV".
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    WOSU - AM Nighttime Transmitter Park
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:53:39Z) Herrick, John H.
    WOSU - AM Nighttime Transmitter Park is located at 2350 Red Rock Blvd. in the southwestern part of Columbus. Never officially named by Board of Trustees. Name above is used on architectural drawings.
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    WOSU Night-Time Transmitter Builder
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:53:14Z) Herrick, John H.
    WOSU Night-Time Transmitter Builder is located at 2360 Red Rock Blvd. This building was never officially named by the Board of Trustees.
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    Worthington Industries Hangar
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:52:47Z) Herrick, John H.
    Worthington Industries Hangar is located at 2160 West Case Road. Building was never officially named by Board of Trustees. Not a University-owned building. A sign in front of this building calls it "Hangar 8."
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    Woody Hayes Athletic Center
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:52:14Z) Herrick, John H.
    Woody Hayes Athletic Center is located at 2491 Olentangy River Rd. The Board of Trustees officially named the building the 'Woody Hayes Athletic Center' on December 4, 1987. Alternate names include: "Biggs Multisport", "Biggs Athletic Training Facility", "Multi-Sport Complex" and "Multi-Sport Indoor Practice and Training Center".
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    Wilce Student Health Center
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:51:43Z) Herrick, John H.
    Wilce Student Health Center is located at 1875 Millikin Road (formerly Service Building Road). Officially named "John W. Wilce Student Health Center" by Board of Trustees on April 10, 1969. Alternate names include "Student Health Facility".
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    Wexner Center for the Arts
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:51:13Z) Herrick, John H.
    Wexner Center for the Arts is located at 1850 College Rd. Occupies 8.1 acres and wraps around Mershon Auditorium and Weigel Hall. The Board of Trustees officially named the building "The Wexner Center for the Visual Arts" on October 31, 1985 after Leslie H. Wexner, the founder, president, and chairman of the board of the Limited, Inc. as well as chairperson of the OSU Foundation. Alternate names include: "Visual Arts Center", "Wexner Center for the Visual and Performing Arts", "The Ohio State Center for the Visual Arts" and "Fine Arts and Communication and Graphic Arts Library".
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    West Recreation Center
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:49:54Z) Herrick, John H.
    West Recreation Center is located at 1031 Carmack Road. Construction address was 1995 Kenny Road. Officially named West Recreation Center by Board of Trustees on May 7, 1976. Alternate names include: "Dispersed Recreation Facilities", "Recreation, Physical Education, Intramural Facilities, Dispersed Facilities", "Dispersed Facility West" and "West Campus Recreation Center". The Board of Trustees on April 4, 1980 changed the name of this building to "Jesse Owens Recreation Center West."
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    West Hall
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:47:48Z) Herrick, John H.
    Some Campus Planning records use this number for West Hall, which is Building 314. See Report 314.
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    Waterman Farm Garage
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:46:37Z) Herrick, John H.
    See report for Building 979.
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    Water Resources Center
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:34:25Z) Herrick, John H.
    Water Resources Center is located at 1791 Neil Avenue (rear). Never officially named by Board of Trustees action. Alternate names include: "Water Resources Building", "Waste Treatment Building", "Sewer Interceptor House", "Indianola Regulator Station" and "Scioto-Olentangy Interceptor Sewer Regulator Station". On the plans for the Waste Treatment Plant (Building H 406) the original part of Building 132 is referred to as the "Laboratory Building" or the "Regulator Building". On August 23, 1989 The Board of Trustees resolved that the Water Resources Building should be called the "General Biology Annex".
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    Waterman Storage Facility
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:33:51Z) Herrick, John H.
    Waterman Storage Facility is located at 2510 Carmack Rd. This building has not been officially named by the Board of Trustees.
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    Waterman Laboratory Headquarters
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:33:02Z) Herrick, John H.
    Waterman Laboratory Headquarters is located at 2490 Carmack Road. Located within the Waterman Lab Complex. This building has not been officially named by the Board of Trustees.
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    Water Storage Tank
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-11T18:30:42Z) Herrick, John H.
    Water Storage Tank is located at southwest corner of Hess and North Fyffe. Never officially named by Board of Trustees action. Alternate names include "Elevated Water Tank Water Tower". Address arbitrarily assigned for indexing purposes: 735 Hess Road.
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    Water Pumping Station (City of Columbus)
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-10T21:42:50Z) Herrick, John H.
    Water Pumping Station (City of Columbus) is located in the triangle formed by Olentangy River Road on the east, the old Ackerman Road on the north, and the new Ackerman - Dodridge connector road on the south. This is a city-owned building on University property. It has never been named by the University. The building is referred to in Board of Trustees minutes as a "booster station" or "pumping station." The address of this building is 2761 Olentangy River Road.
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    Waste Treatment--Sawmill Road
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-10T21:42:31Z) Herrick, John H.
    Waste Treatment--Sawmill Road is located at 3637 Kays Avenue. Never officially named by Board of Trustees action. Built under the general title of "Animal Science Livestock Center," which included buildings in three locations. Building 327 was part of the "Sawmill Road Complex." Designated "Waste Facility" on signs.
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    Water Meter Vault
    (The Ohio State University, 2009-08-10T21:42:10Z) Herrick, John H.
    Water Meter Vault is located on Cannon Drive just north of King Avenue. The address is 598 King Avenue. This is an underground vault for housing the master meter for metering city water used on campus.