2003-2004 University Distinguished Lecture Series

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    Being 1 in 3: Psychological, Behavioral, and Biologic Responses to Cancer and Finding a Path to Optimize Quality of Life
    (Ohio State University, 2003-11-20) Andersen, Barbara L.
    The lifetime probability of developing cancer foretells a frightening turn in one's life road. Decades of research have documented the upheavals in one's emotions and everyday activities following diagnosis and treatments. More important, psychological research in cancer is leading the way for patients to learn how to lower their stresses, cope in positive ways, change their negative health behaviors, and, perhaps, alter biologic systems designed to fight the disease. Professor Andersen discusses the impact of cancer on the lives of men and women. This includes responses to the diagnosis and cancer treatments, coping with lingering changes, and facing recurrence. That is only half the story, however. The rest informs us about how individuals can effectively reduce their stress, enlist the help of their friends and family, improve their lifestyle, and recapture meaning in their lives.