Ohio State Business Law Journal: Volume 5, Issue 1 (2010)

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A Lesson From History, Roosevelt to Obama -- the Evolution of Broker-Dealer Regulation: From Self-Regulation, Arbitration, and Suitability to Federal Regulation, Litigation, and Fiduciary Duty
Allen, Matthew P. pp. 1-96
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Rules of Origin as International Trade Hindrances
Mabrouk, Hatem pp. 97-176
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The Employee Free Choice Act: The Effect of Compulsory Interest Arbitration on Entrepreneurs
Glumac, Mark A. pp. 177-208
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Shares of Thoroughbreds as Securities: Federal and Kentucky Securities Law Implications for Syndication in the Breeding and Racing Contexts
Hill, Ryan D. pp. 209-250
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The Americans With Disabilities Act Amendments Act: Surpassing the "Economically Significant" Threshold
Kline, Abigail Adams pp. 251-279
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Watter's About to Run Dry for National Banks Using Operating Subsidiaries to Circumvent Progressive State Consumer Protection Laws
Lundregan, Scott M. pp. 281-313
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"There's a Change in the Status Quo": Corporate Veil Piercing in Ohio After Dombroski v. WellPoint
Manning, Mark R. pp. 315-350
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Is Bank Secrecy Still Bankable?: A Critical Review of Bank Secrecy Law, Tax Evasion and UBS
Schottenstein, Jaclyn H. pp. 351-392
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Tax-Exempt Organizations Are Screaming for Guidance on How to Allocate Indirect Costs Between Related and Unrelated Business Activities - But Is Anybody Listening?
Tabor, Kevin R. pp. 393-419
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Garnett and Thompson: LLC and LLP Losses No Longer Passive Per Se
Thomas, Jonathan W. pp. 421-451
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When Talk Isn't Cheap: The Hidden Costs of Communication with Putative Class Members for Class Action Defense Counsel in a Post-Financial Recession World
Williamson, Elizabeth M. pp. 453-479
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Climate Change: The Real Threat to Delaware Corporate Law, Why Delaware Must Keep a Watchful Eye on the Content of Political Change in the Air
Wilson, David M. pp. 481-507
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