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    Pancreatic β Cells Derived from Fibroblasts using Non-viral Cell Reprogramming Methods
    (2022-11) Gotschall, Andrew; Gallego-Perez, Daniel; Lemmerman, Luke
    Introduction: Type I diabetes is driven by autoimmune destruction of pancreatic β cells and results in decreased insulin production. Many studies have attempted to generate a functional cell-based therapy to treat type I diabetes, but these approaches have many limitations. To address these limitations, we report on development of a non-viral approach to derive β cells from fibroblasts via electroporation-based gene delivery. Materials and Methods: We identified 3 transcription factors (3SP) for skin cell plasticity and 7 transcription factors (7βC) for β cell development. Plasmid DNA encoding for these transcription factors or pCMV6 (control plasmid DNA) were delivered to mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) in vitro using bulk electroporation (BEP). Gene and protein expressions were analyzed at predetermined time points using qRT-PCR or immunohistology as appropriate. Data was collected, processed, and quantified by blinded investigators using Prism GraphPad by Dotmatics and ImageJ. Results: Fibroblasts transduced with all (n=10) 3SP+7βC factors led to an increase in mRNA expression for both insulin 1 and insulin 2 by day 14 post-BEP (Figure 1A). Moreover, this increased insulin 1/2 expression correlated with a small population (<1%) of transfected cells expressing insulin protein by day 14 post-BEP (Figure 1B). Conclusion: Our findings suggest that fibroblasts transfected with plasmid DNA encoding for 3SP+7βC factors have the potential to reprogram into induced β cells. Future development of an alternative cell source to treat and potentially cure type I diabetes could greatly improve quality of life for diabetic patients all over the world.
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    Public Health Perspectives: Japan
    (2023-11-16) Nelakurti, Devi Dheekshita; Ibaraki, Motomu
    I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the *Public Health Perspectives: Japan* study abroad program led by the College of Public Health and the Office of International Affairs this past summer. My trip was funded by STEP fellowship and Stamps Eminence Enrichment Grant. I gained insights into the strengths and weaknesses of Japanese public health system, including healthcare delivery, health promotion strategies, and disease surveillance through facility tours and lectures. I also learned about their universal healthcare insurance system and how it is implemented across the various prefectures. Conversing with professors and students at Azabu and Tokyo universities, health professionals, and storytellers showed me their perspectives on mental health, natural disasters, and the aging population in the Japanese society. Particularly, our visits to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster plant and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum were very impactful as I was able to see first-hand the ghosted and abandoned towns near the areas and learn about the disturbing rates of cancer as well as other disorders that the local population suffers from. Along with tangible knowledge, I have developed unique cultural competency skills that will help me reach closer to my personal and academic goals that are rooted in becoming a health care provider and leader who serves minority patients. Especially for patients like me, who are immigrants, have language barriers, and are people of color, so that they don't need to fight for attention, a seat at the table, nor fit in to feel included, and receive the care they deserve and need. In my free time, I was able to explore local shrines, temples, tourist attractions, restaurants, and shop from local stores where I had to converse in Japanese with the locals! I tried fun dishes like Takoyaki which is fried octopus and traditional Japanese donuts.
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    New Zealand: Sustainable Tourism and Human Impacts on the Environment
    (2023-11-16) Sandstrom, Sarah; Lekies, Kristi
    An overview of an education abroad STEP project that travels to New Zealand's South Island and studies Sustainable Tourism and Human Impacts on the Environment.
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    Exploring Earth's Natural Beauty Through Photography
    (2023-11-16) King, Kelsey; Brown, Christopher
    This past May I traveled to Portland, Oregon and other locations in the Pacific Northwest to expand my love for photography. My appreciation for nature prospered as well as my wellness. Before this, I had never utilized a professional camera, so I had a wealth of information to learn. It is valuable to have had this experience because it will be important, when I am a nurse, to participate in different hobbies to prevent burnout. With the support from my peers and faculty, I am proud of what I accomplished on this trip and am excited to share the details. Additionally, my confidence improved from this by navigating an unfamiliar area, talking to new friends, and learning how to accept help when needed. Overall, this trip inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and discover that I am capable of anything.
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    The Geopolitical Roles of Kaliningrad Oblast & Suwałki Gap in the Conflict of Ukraine
    (2023-11-16) Feng, Kelly; Mousetes, Steven
    My STEP Education Abroad Project was based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was able to take a course from Danish Institute of Scandinavia (DIS) called "Conflict or Cooperation: Security Challenges in Europe" in which students learned about the cross-bloc confrontation and cooperation at the Baltic Sea during the Cold War period and the political implications of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Post-Cold War. We studied the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its influence on BSR and observed the role of the EU (European Union), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and regional organizations in advancing the BSR cooperation agenda. We studied the history of Kaliningrad Oblast and its role in Russia's foreign security policy, as it hosts Russia's Baltic Sea Fleet and causes a bottleneck in the region being surrounded by NATO allies. Students were able to take a one week travel study tour in Gdańsk, Poland to visit the European Solidarity Center to learn about Poland's history since WWII, economic and political developments of Belarus since Lukashenko's rise to presidency, and the geopolitical role that the Suwałki Gap poses in the war in Ukraine for both NATO allies and Russia.
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    Ceramics Kiln Room Columbus
    (2023-11-16) Nguyen, Tiffany; Simmons, Jeannie
    My STEP project will be a four-week artistic endeavor with The Kiln Room Columbus Company in Columbus, Ohio. Throughout the month of June 2023, with a specific start date of June 19, 2023, and end of July 22, 2023, I will have the opportunity to transform my personal aspirations within ceramics and pottery making, by experiencing and learning alongside the ceramic artists and instructors of The Kiln Room for one three-hour class a week. With high school experience within ceramics courses, and having two of my ceramics pieces make it to the Ohio State-wide high school art show, I hope to rekindle my love and knowledge on ceramics and pottery throwing to fulfill my personal aspirations. As a pre-Physician Assistant student who has spent my summers at The Ohio State University within medical and science summer courses, this STEP funding will finally grant me the opportunity to focus on participating in my first artistic endeavor that serves as a therapeutic outlet for self-expression and stress relief, that go beyond my medical student identity. This experience will transform my interpersonal relationship with myself and my mental health and will be elevating my identity and personal growth, beyond my academic achievements and experiences within the healthcare field. As a first-generation Vietnamese American pre-Physician Assistant student, my collegiate career has been dedicated to pursing activities that will benefit my academic and professional healthcare career. However, this STEP artistic endeavor will allow me to experience my first glimpse of engaging in an activity that go beyond school and professional life—something that will promote my personal well-being. As someone who understands the importance of taking time for oneself, I am eager and grateful for this opportunity to purse an activity that will bring me personal happiness and balance my personal and academic lives. The importance of having a life outside of school and professional life cannot be overstated. This Kiln Room Columbus course will offer a magnitude of benefits to my character, including the ability to advocate for my mental health, my personal growth, skill development, and a well-rounded education. Through the things that I will learn from this STEP project, I will develop the interpersonal qualities and skills necessary to thrive in all aspects of life.
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    Studying Public Health in Japan
    (2023-11-16) Jira, Mei; Elmore, Bartow
    I traveled to Tokyo to present 2 projects about Public Health Issues such as health issues in farming villages in Japan, and differences in student life in America vs Japan. After a couple lectures, we traveled around many important places in Tokyo, Toyama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Minamata, and Sendai. For example, short field trips will be conducted throughout Hiroshima prefecture, to explore the city's history and the aftermath of the nuclear bomb. ​
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    HIV in Context: Tanzania
    (2019-11-20) Foster, Abigail; Raison, Brian
    Impact of HIV: Tanzania is a 4-week, study abroad experience in two towns in Tanzania: Dar Es Saalm and Iringa. This study abroad trip explores HIV in a holistic approach, combining microbiological and immunological consequences through a historical and cultural lens. As this trip involves a lot of communication between Tanzanians and students, we will learn the local language (Swahili) as well as the geography and national history of the country. We will be interacting with both medical professionals in the area as well as students our age, individuals working at markets and even learn from local elders about traditional art. We also learn about research techniques including microscopy and the pharmacology of HIV. Additionally we will learn bench science research techniques used to study HIV, tour HIV research labs, and talk to researchers on the cutting edge of HIV treatment. While on this trip, we have the opportunity to work on our own research project. I would like to take that opportunity to research the relationship with queer identifying individuals, their access to HIV treatment, and their thoughts on how homosexuality is criminalized in Tanzania. HIV in Context: East Africa is a course unlike any other offered at OSU, I would be able to travel to an area of the world hit worst by the HIV crisis and actually have hands on experience in dealing with the epidemic. I would learn about how other countries approach a major public health crisis, and hopefully be able to bring back insights to the US to implement in my own HIV research and public health initiatives.
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    TODAY Show Production Internship
    (2019-11-20) Gardner, Akayla; Gavazzi, Stephen
    This poster was presented at the Second-Year Transformation Experience Expo in November 2019. The presentation summarized the experience of one Ohio State University journalism student who interned with TODAY Show in New York City.
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    (2019-11-20) Leonard, Caitlin; Roberts, Jasmine
    During the first two weeks of June (2019), I worked as an intern and assistant under studio artist Mrs. Sarah Fairchild predominantly in Long Island City, New York. During the week, I would arrive at her studio and assist her in her commissions with duties including screen printing, heat- pressing, and various other detailing for her to install into her paintings and collages. During my off-time and free time in the studio, I was instructed to visit museums/art scenes and also pursue my own project. Working under Fairchild’s wing was transformational in my being fully immersed into the studio artist life at one of the most prevalent centers of the art world.
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    Patent Externship at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
    (2020-02-18) Thanh, Genevieve; Tichgelaar, James
    With the assistance of STEP, I will be working in an externship program for the U.S. Patent Trademark Office in the Office of the Commissioners for Patents in Alexandria, VA. I began working May 20, 2019 and ended August 9, 2019 for a total of 12 weeks. This externship allowed me to experience a professional governmental workplace and teach me about the patent decision-making processes. This opportunity was very beneficial in striving towards my personal and professional goals because it will give me a new and exciting experience in Alexandria and as an engineer, I will gain insight on how to develop and patent medical devices. With the help of STEP, I will be able to transform as a learner and as a professional because I will be able to work in such an innovative environment and witness the cutting-edge work of the nation’s technological progress and achievement.
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    Dance Denmark
    (2020-02-18) Messinger, Leah; Parker, Anita
    My STEP project will be a six-week education abroad program in Denmark beginning on May 26,2019 and ending on July 6, 2019. This program will provide an immersive experience for the group of dance majors, that auditioned early in the fall semester to be a part of this exclusive traveling ensemble, of which I am included. Throughout the six weeks, we will have the opportunity to travel between several different cities within Demark and explore historical and cultural sites in order to acquaint ourselves with the country’s way of life. More notably, we will be engaged with dance students and professionals in the country with which we will take and teach classes as well as perform dances that we will simultaneously be rehearsing. While I have a great deal of experience with dance, having the opportunity to study it in the contexts of a foreign country will be a transformative experience. Being in a close-knit group of Ohio State students while meeting new artists from around the world will allow me to grow exponentially in terms of my dance skills and skills as a communicator and creator. While abroad, I will receive one credit hour for the summer course DANCE 5798 for my participation and engagement in all scheduled activities, classes, workshops, and performances.
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    Healthcare in Thailand
    (2020-02-18) Han, Tara; Nelson, Ardine
    Through participation with GVI in the summer of 2019, my project will fulfill the Service-Learning and Community Service option among the six STEP categories. In the 4-week program, starting from May 18th to June 15th of 2019, I will be immersed in Thai culture within the province of Phang Nga, specifically the village of Ban Nam Khem. As a volunteer, I will work with the Camillian Social Center, which is part of the Sharing for Life Foundation. The center supports marginalized children with disabilities among the Takua Pa area and provides physiotherapy, food, clothing, and education to improve their social, physical, and psychological development. The center supports children up to the age of 25 years old. I will assist in yoga exercises, lead sensory arts and crafts, or engage in sports activities or basic English language education. I will teach proper hygiene and dental care throughout the community and in elementary schools as well to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Overall, I hope to develop personal and professional skills while working in the field of health and community development, while creating relationships to provide equal opportunities to these villages of Thailand. I want to be able to increase awareness among health and safety, acceptance for those with disabilities, and provide a high-quality education for all students. I hope to be able to identify the short-term and long-term needs of the community and provide as much support and assistance as possible throughout my trip with GVI’s partner organizations.
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    John Deere Internship
    (2020-02-18) Miskus, Sara; Mann, Dewey
    For the Summer of 2019, I worked at John Deere for thirteen weeks as a Product Engineering Intern. This internship was located in Urbandale, Iowa, and I was part of the Intelligent Solutions Group. During my internship, I worked on projects that pertained to my major of Computer Science and Engineering. This included managing a database and optimizing software. I learned industry skills, and grew my professional network. I chose this project in order to gain real world experience in the field of Computer Science and help me secure a job after college.
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    Service Learning in Puerto Rico
    (2020-02-18) Comune, Hannah; Herak, Patrick
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    Predator Island: Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Internship
    (2020-02-18) Thieken, Sarah; Zyromski, Brett
    In the summer of 2019, I completed an internship with the State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services. This internship was designed to attract students from a wide variety of backgrounds to work and explore the state government’s human service department and participate in an experience working in a health service-related area. This internship is designed for people who have an interest in public service and helping others who also have the ability to work in these types of sensitive situations. Over the course of 11 weeks, I will be working with a group of people and exploring different fields of the state government and the health-related fields. Specifically, I will be working with sexually violent predators at the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island. This internship will provide a great opportunity to gain experience in the field of health services and working with the government as well.
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    Summer 2019 Internship at Reams Asset Management
    (2020-02-18) Schiavello, Zachary; Davis, Michael
    I completed a 12-week summer internship at Reams Asset Management, primarily working with their corporate credit investment team. Throughout the 12 weeks, I gained broad exposure to many fixed income investment vehicles. I also gained a much deeper understanding of interest rate environments and the central banking system. My primary role was to perform credit research on various potential credit investment opportunities. Companies I researched include Caterpillar Inc., United Technologies, Cummins Inc., AbbVie Inc., Allergan Pharmaceuticals, and John Deere & Co.
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    Summer Global Internship Program in Hong Kong, China
    (2020-02-18) Wang, Yaoqing; Hensley, Lauren
    In my poster, I've talked about my experience of doing an internship in Hong Kong and what I've learned from this internship trip.
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    Popular Culture in Japan
    (2020-02-18) Ratsavong, Malle; Morrison, Shannon
    For STEP, I decided to go 6,451 miles away from home. It was one of the best choices I have made ever in my entire life and I loved every second of it.
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    Indonesia: First Education Experience Program
    (2020-02-18) Hassan, Hawa; Crews, Douglas
    FEEP Indonesia focuses on classroom observations in both Jakarta and Bali. More specifically, looking at how the role of socioeconomic status impacts the classroom setting.