Ohio State Technology Law Journal: Volume 16, Issue 2 (Spring 2020)

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Ohio State Technology Law Journal
Volume 16, Issue 2, Spring 2020

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Privacy Exceptionalism Unless It's Unexceptional: How the American Government Misuses the Spirit of Privacy in Two Different Ways to Justify Both Nondisclosure and Surveillance
Cramer, Benjamin W. pp. 306-350
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The UK Online Harms White Paper and the Internet's Cable-ized Future
Goldman, Eric pp. 351-362
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Inheriting Digital Assets: Does The Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access To Digital Assets Act Fall Short?
Sheridan, Patricia pp. 363-394
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Cyber Sovereignty At Its Boldest: A Chinese Perspective
Wang, Anqi pp. 395-466
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Symposium on Elections in the Era of Technological Threats and Opportunities


The Danger of Democracy's Self-Doubt
Foley, Edward B. pp. 467-472
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Keynote Address

The Virus and the Vote: How to Prevent the Infection of Our Election
Persily, Nathaniel pp. 473-492
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Self-Regulation of Political Communication by Online Platforms

Democratic Tradeoffs: Platforms and Political Advertising
Kreiss, Daniel; Barrett, Bridget pp. 493-519
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Facilitating Accountability for Online Political Advertisements
Wood, Abby K. pp. 520-557
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Technology and the Architecture of the Electoral Process

On The Security of Ballot Marking Devices
Wallach, Dan S. pp. 558-586
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Protecting the Perilous Path of Election Returns: From the Precinct to the News
Pettigrew, Stephen; Stewart, Charles, III pp. 587-638
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Technology and the Communication Environment for Campaign-Related Discourse

Protecting Elections From Disinformation: A Multifaceted Public-Private Approach to Social Media and Democratic Speech
Dawood, Yasmin pp. 639-668
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Internet Service Provider Liability for Disseminating False Information About Voting Requirements and Procedures
Marshall, William P. pp. 669-700
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Strike and Share: Combatting Foreign Influence Campaigns on Social Media
Weintraub, Ellen L.; Valdivia, Carlos A. pp. 701-721
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