Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution: Volume 22, Issue 3 (2007)

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Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution
Volume 22, Issue 3 (2007)

Table of Contents
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Developing the MRI (Mediation Receptivity Index)
Sander, Frank E. A. pp. 599-618
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Principles for Policymaking About Collaborative Law and Other ADR Processes
Lande, John pp. 619-706
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Why We Still Need a Model Rule for Collaborative Law: A Reply to Professor Lande
Fairman, Christopher M. pp. 707-738
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The Justice Bazaar: Dispute Resolution Through Emergent Private Ordering as a Superior Alternative to Authoritarian Court Bureaucracy
Pearlstein, Arthur B. pp. 739-795
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Criminal Mediation is the BASF of the Criminal Justice System: Not Replacing Traditional Criminal Adjudication, Just Making it Better
Simms, Larysa pp. 797-838
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Cooper Industries v. Aviall Services: Destroying the Incentive for Negotiated Settlements and Undermining the Increased Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
Shelton, David M. pp. 839-870
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The Best of Both Worlds: The Use of Med-Arb for Resolving Will Disputes
Vorys, Yolanda pp. 871-897
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Recent Developments

Buckeye Check Cashing, Inc. v. Cardegna
Morrow, Philip pp. 899-908
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Kristian v. Comcast Corp
Reichert, Kate pp. 909-926
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