Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution: Volume 28, Issue 3 (2013)

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Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution
Volume 28, Issue 3 (2013)

Table of Contents
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Front Matter with Masthead
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When BATNA Equals the Unthinkable: Business Mediations and Provocation
Taylor, Kim pp. 549-556
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Negotiation Barometry: A Dynamic Measure of Conflict Management Style
Schneider, Andrea Kupfer; Brown, Jennifer Gerarda pp. 557-580
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Lost Options for Mutual Gain? The Lawyer, the Layperson, and Dispute Resolution in Early America
Conklin, Carli N. pp. 581-629
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Individuals, Groups and Intergroups: Theorizing About the Role of Identity in Conflict and its Creative Engagement
Rothman, Jay; Alberstein, Michael pp. 631-657
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Adding by Subtracting: How Limited Scope Agreements for Dispute Resolution Representation Can Increase Access to Attorney Services
Blankley, Kristen M. pp. 659-708
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How Do Meidators Decide What to Do? Implicit Schemas of Practice and Mediator Decisionmaking
Kressel, Kenneth pp. 709-735
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In a Bind: Mandatory Arbitration Clauses in the Coroporate Derivative Context
Farinacci, Emily pp. 737-770
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Negotiating Past the Zero-Sum of Intractable Sovereignty Positions by Exploring the Potential of Possible Party Interests: A Proposed Dispute Resolution Framework for the Tobacco Tax Debacle between the State of New York & the Seneca Nation of Indians
Mayer, Kathryn A. pp. 771-840
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Recent Developement

State of Washington, Department of Transportation v. James River Insurance Company
Noonan, Patrick pp. 841-848
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