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Selected Entries from the Lucius Clark Smith Diaries,
30 July 1862 to 31 December 1862

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The following two maps show the general location of the Smith family homestead near New Albany in Plain Township, Franklin County, OH, first on a plat map from 1856, and then on Google Earth imagery from 2010. Archibald Smith's property—identified here with a red frame—apparently extended west from Kitzmiller Road past Blacklick Creek (the Smith property is labeled "A. Smith Surveyor" on the original plat map). The Smith home still stands on the western side of the property, and the Abercrombie and Fitch Headquarters occupy the eastern side.

1856 Plat Map of Plain Township, OH

Graham, John. Map of Franklin Co. Ohio from Actual Survey & Records. Philadelphia, PA: R.C. Foote, Jr. 1856.

Reprinted in Franklin County, Ohio Wall Maps for 1842, 1856, & 1883 Printed One Township Per Page and Caldwell's Atlast of 1872 Plus a Consolidated Index For the Wall Maps and the 1872 Atlas. Columbus, OH: The Franklin County Genealogical Society. 1998. 34.

2010 Satellite Image of Plain Township, OH

2010 Imagery from Google Earth.